From Dreams to Reality

The Gallery is to show you some of the different styles of Kitchens available. Trying to find the exact “Kitchen of your Dreams” can be exciting as well as a little overwhelming. It is best to look at several different styles and pictures to put together a list of elements that are most important to you. Keep a file of pictures, with notes about what you like about each particular kitchen. This process helps when designing Your Kitchen. Below are brief descriptions of some of the typical types of Kitchens:

Traditional Kitchens:

Traditional Kitchens have an elegant ambiance and are gracious and formal. Cabinets are usually made with rich, gleaming woods, such as cherry or mahogany or any wood stained to resemble them. Ivory or white painted cabinets are another frequent choice, but the key to the cabinets is a rich, glossy finish and the look of fine furniture. For the cabinetry door style, choose a raised panel design and such architectural details as crown moldings and other millwork. Counter Tops are typically made of glossy, polished stone such as granite or marble. One of the reasons for the popularity of this style is its timelessness and the fact that it is unaffected by design trends that come and go. Traditional style mixed with certain accents and wood species can change the feel of a Traditional look to more of a Southern feel, or a French flavor or even the taste of Tuscany.

Country Kitchens:

There are many variations of a Country Kitchen. English Country, Cottage, Victorian and Arts and Crafts are a few of the different styles of Country available. Country Kitchens range from rustic to refined. Painted wood cabinets, bead board backsplash, plate racks and glass front cabinets. Other versions of a cottage kitchen might include colorful, mismatched, and slightly worn-looking cabinets and vintage furniture and accessories. The English country style reflects the modest homes and bungalows that have been lived in comfortably for generations and are pleasantly cluttered. Cabinets with a patina of age and details like plate racks and glass front doors. For floors use wood or matte-finish tile works well. Countertops may be stone, solid surfacing or wood. Any material that does not look shiny and new.

Contemporary / Modern Kitchens:

The contemporary style began after the 19th century when the artists, architects and designers rebelled against the fussy, cluttered design that had prevailed through most of the Victorian era. Their rebellion manifested in simplicity and the use of natural materials. As the look evolved it continued to emphasize natural materials but became more streamlined. The backbone of today’s contemporary kitchen is frameless, flat-panel cabinetry with clean lines and simple hardware. Wood finishes, particularly maple, cherry and birch in lighter tones are common choices. Cabinet doors made of glass and metal or aluminum are popular, also, because they go well with the sleek contemporary appliances. Natural surfacing materials especially stone, tile and concrete or engineered quartz versions dominate surfaces. Today’s Contemporary-style kitchens are still simple, streamlined, and equipped with the latest technology, but a new focus on wood for the cabinets and the restrained use color as an accessory, makes them as appealing and inviting as any traditional or country-style kitchen.