Dear Ken and Mary,

Thank you again for all of your help with my kitchen. The cabinets are gorgeous!

I came to you after stumbling into an unexpected remodel during one of Marin’s wettest winters on record. Running multiple unfamiliar projects simultaneously was daunting to say the least (more like weeping every day :-).

I couldn’t have gotten through the kitchen without your calm and organized process. You kept me on track and moving quickly through what could have been an endless series of decisions. Since I tend to deliberate too much, your structure really helped me move through much more quickly than I would have otherwise.

I appreciated your direct candor and significant knowledge about all the products. Everything you recommended works perfectly. I also appreciated the seamless collaboration with Gold Hammer. When issues came up, you always worked things out directly with them and I never had to get in the middle, which was so helpful.

I look forward to having you over when things are done. The window wall in particular is stunning, and I now have what I think is one of the prettiest places in Marin to wash dishes!

With gratitude,