Ken, Mary and Amanda

I wanted to drop you a note thanking you and your team for all the help with our new kitchen. This is our 3rd remodel in the past 3 years and by far the easiest. We used the big box stores to remodel 2 of our rental homes but we wanted a “custom” look for our home. I’ll never go back to a big box store after my experience with Kitchen by Ken Ryan.

Kelly and I have high standards and tight budget constraints which is a tough needle to thread. We spent years trying to find a kitchen design that met our needs. We got designs from major big box stores,  contractors, local hardware stores and even a high end designer. The high end designer wanted $ 160,000 to remodel our kitchen – that still makes me chuckle.

When we walked in your store I was expecting a repeat of our experience with the high end designer – was I wrong.
You nailed the design. It was perfect. We love our new kitchen.

Cheap cabinets will always look cheap. The big box stores always quote you a price for cabinets without any upgrades. By the time you add the bells and whistles like lazy susans and pull outs your prices are very competitive.

When it comes to service, however you leave everybody in the dust. I remember calling you during installation with a question about the sink placement and instead of trying to explain your answer over the phone you dropped everything and drove out to the job site. Try that with home depot.

My labor costs at the job ran about $200 per hour. That can add up real quick waiting for answers.

We can’t thank you enough. You definitely earned your diamond rating.

Thanks again
Mike and Kelly