Hi I just want you to know that we bought our Tiburon Woodmode cabinets from Ken and Mary Ryan in Novato at Kitchens by Ken Ryan, Inc. Ken and Mary run their family business together and take great pride in making sure every single detail is well thought out. They have gone above and beyond [...]

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Dear Ken and Mary, Thank you again for all of your help with my kitchen. The cabinets are gorgeous! I came to you after stumbling into an unexpected remodel during one of Marin's wettest winters on record. Running multiple unfamiliar projects simultaneously was daunting to say the least (more like weeping every day :-). I [...]

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Amy and Peter

Dear Ken and Mary, This thank you is long overdue but no less heartfelt. As we come up to our second year anniversary in our new kitchen, we have to tell you how much we love being in the beautiful, functional workspace that you gave us. From start to finish (and beyond) you held our [...]

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Mike and Leslie

Hi Ken and Mary, Ramon came yesterday and finished everything!! Hooray!! We LOVE our new kitchen!!! Thank you so much for all your help in designing and ordering all our kitchen cabinets and trim, plus suggesting all the places to get everything else. Your knowledge and experience made it all easy. It Is ALL amazing! [...]

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Testimonial – Freborg

Dear Ken, We had a very nice Thanksgiving in our new kitchen.  We really like the kitchen. Everything works. We have amenities we didn’t even know existed. You said it would be finished in time for Thanksgiving and it was. Our friends and relatives scoffed and told us, “Kitchen remodels never finish on time” but [...]

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Testimonial 01/25/16

Testimonial for Kitchens by Ken Ryan   For over five years, my husband and I had put off remodeling our kitchen. We had previously undertaken the job of redoing our master bath and that had been a hellish experience. So the thought of tackling a kitchen remodel seemed too big to handle. We had driven [...]

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Ken a few comments re the kitchen. At random we decided to visit Ken, at our visit we were impressed by his manner and ideas on kitchens.A few days later he came to our house,pointed out what to do and not to do,he then went on to measure in detail each aspect of a plan.A [...]

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Bob and Sue Testmonial 08/26/13

August, 26, 2013 Kitchens by Ken Ryan Hi Ken & Mary, I have to tell you folks now that I have put my new kitchen to work, that Ken you are a genius when it comes to utilizing space. We had the smallest model kitchen of the Kenny Homes built in Terra Linda. Taking down [...]

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