I just want you to know that we bought our Tiburon Woodmode cabinets from Ken and Mary Ryan in Novato at Kitchens by Ken Ryan, Inc. Ken and Mary run their family business together and take great pride in making sure every single detail is well thought out.

They have gone above and beyond in every possible way, and I highly recommend them.

They worked well with our contractor to ensure that our cabinet order was correct. The cabinets came on time (actually a few days EARLY). The cabinets arrived in perfect condition. Ken also let me borrow a cabinet door and several counter samples (LOTS of counter samples). Ken and Mary are both super organized. They are both delightful, responsive, helpful and totally dedicated to making sure the job is done right. They answer emails and questions immediately and Ken made a few site visits to be sure everything was just as it should be.

Ken was a contractor and/or cabinet maker prior to starting Kitchens by Ken Ryan. He totally understands about cabinet design and installation. Mary takes care of all the orders and administration and the process was seamless.