Hi Ken and Mary,

Ramon came yesterday and finished everything!! Hooray!! We LOVE our new kitchen!!! Thank you so much for all your help in designing and ordering all our kitchen cabinets and trim, plus suggesting all the places to get everything else. Your knowledge and experience made it all easy. It Is ALL amazing! The Brookhaven cabinets are very nice and well made, and the custom cabinets are great!! Love having all the extra space under the sink! And the spice cabinet is perfect!! Great use of that small space, and how you designed the sides work very well.

We love the 3cm granite. The finished edge is such a clean look. And your granite “A” team could not have been better!!!!! They were beyond amazing. The templates they made were the perfect sizes, because once the stone was cut and finished, it went right into the spaces exactly, including the difficult window box area. Believe it or not, we only have one seam in the entire kitchen, just to the right of the sink! They were able to use big slabs for everywhere else. I cannot say enough about how great they were.

Appreciate everything. You will both have to come over soon to see the finished kitchen!!

Have a happy Easter and again our gratitude for your help in getting us this amazing kitchen!


Mike and Leslie